Dialogue: student death casts doubt on Baidu policies, therapy outsourcing

Wei Zexi, a 21-year-old college student, died from a rare form of cancer on April 12 after two years of costly treatment. His death sparked anger on the Internet because of an article he published accusing Baidu of being an “evil” company that misled him over his treatment. He posted an article on, a Chinese question-and-answer forum, in February before he died, questioning Baidu for taking money to rank search results. The tragedy stirred much discussion online. Who should be responsible for the tragedy of Wei Zexi? What lessons can we learn from the Baidu incident? And how should China deepen its healthcare reforms? CCTV News’s Yang Rui joined Edward Lehman, the managing director of Lehman, Lee & Hu, and Victor Gao, a current affairs commentator, to talk about the issues. Take a look at the new episode of Dialogue.

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