Disabled Chinese performers put on sumptuous show in Mexico City

One body with dozens of arms moves to the rhythm of the music, seeking to mirror the pain of existence. Deaf artists may not hear the music, but it pulsates in their blood and seems to bring them closer to their dream. A simple stage, with a dark background and the lights of faraway stars, gave a fitting backdrop to the Goddess of A Thousand Arms, interpreted by 17 dancers.

This group of disabled artists put on a show, named “My dream”, at the Esperanza Iris theater in Mexico City on February 4, bringing surprise, joy and happiness to the audience.

This show, blending together poetry, dance, music and theater, was organized by the Chinese embassy in Mexico, the Chinese Cultural Center and the Asia-Pacific Foreign Relations Committee of the Mexican Senate.

(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) Zhuang Lixiao, Cultural Counselor, Chinese Embassy in Mexico
“Our main mission is to spread Chinese culture, show that China is a brotherly nation to the entire world and wishes to share love with the world. We wish to express our wishes of happiness, prosperity and good health to all in the Year of the Monkey.”

A group of 110 blind, deaf and disabled performers put on a fantastic show for audiences with every performance. Mexican crowds will have been particularly delighted when singer Zhu Li interpreted “México lindo y querido”, to thank the Mexican people for the part they play in the world.

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