Disabled people learn to dive in northwestern Mexico

With his thumb up, the disabled man expressed his satisfaction of being underwater for the first time in his life, thanks to the special diving course conducted by Israeli coach Daniel Zuber in Mexico’s Pacific island state of Baja California Sur.
(Soundbite) Daniel Zuber, Diving Instructor
“What we do is provide support for anyone to experience diving and enjoy the ability. In fact, we do not see the disability. We see the ability.”
Practitioners arrived early at the class pool, eager for Zuber’s session to begin, allowing them to breathe and swim in the water tank, all under the guy’s professional help.
(Soundbite) Amanda, Diving Practitioner
“I thought he did it very well, very patiently and with great empathy. It is very good. I like it.”
Zuber started his diving training for wounded soldiers in Israel back in 1996. He later initiated a similar project in Colombia for mine victims, then Argentina, and now spread his service to Mexico.

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