Discussion: China-ASEAN FM Meeting

Officials recently wrapped up a special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan, where cooperation and development topped the meeting’s agenda. Participants also affirmed their joint stance on the South China Sea disputes, ahead of the upcoming ruling by an international arbitration body regarding the Philippines’ case against China. This meeting was the first of its kind in three years. So why now? And how will a consensus on the South China Sea issue impact current tense relations between China and ASEAN countries? Will trade links remain intact? Join us for a discussion with Wang Yiwei, Professor of International Relations at China’s Renmin University; in Manila, Richard Heydarian, Political Science Professor at De La Salle University in Manila, and author of “Asia’s New Battlefield: US, China, and the Struggle for Western Pacific”; and in Singapore, Lim Tai Wei, Adjunct Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore.

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