Discussion: Instability of oil market

A meeting of major oil producers in Doha failed to reach a deal on capping production – a move intended to keep oil prices from sinking below January decade-low price dips. Saudi Arabia blamed the group’s only absentee: its neighbor and political foe, Iran; and said that it would only sign a deal if Tehran agrees on putting a ceiling on its oil production. Are Riyadh’s demands fair, considering the crippling impact of the recently-lifted sanctions on Tehran? What is driving price fluctuations, and how can the market be stabilized? How has the US’ exploration of shale gas oil contributed to the dive in oil prices, and how might this competition between traditional and shale oil affect Saudi-US ties? Join us in panel discussion with Professor Liu Baocheng, Dean of the Center for International Business Ethics from the University of International Business and Economics; in Washington DC, Jean-François Seznec, Adjunct Professor of Georgetown University & Johns Hopkins University; and in London, David Livingston, associate at the Energy and Climate Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

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