Discussion: International Day of Human Space Flight

On April 12 1961, Yuri Gagarin made history as the first human to travel into space. 55 years later, we celebrated International Day of Human Space Flight. The space industry has made significant advancements in recent years, even as some countries have slashed budgets for space travel. With the International Space Station set to close in 2024, what lies ahead for space travel? Is it still an area worthy of exploration and financial investment? China has pumped significant money into its space exploration program – so should we expect China to lead the industry in the future? Join us for a chat with Professor Yang Yuguang at the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation; in The Hague, Giuseppe Reibaldi, director of Human Space Flight at the International Academy of Astronautics; in Moscow, Prof. Yury Razoumny, chair of Space Flight Mechanic.

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