Discussion: Is college the only path to success?

A recently published research shows that about a quarter of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs dropped out of university or high school before going on to join the financial elite, a greater proportion than those who have pursued masters’ degrees. With college tuition rates skyrocketing, questions about whether the traditional education model has broken have surfaced.
Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist and co-founder of PayPal, has created a 100,000 dollars scholarship that encourages students to skip university in an attempt to push them to take risks early. But of course, many college drop-outs have not gone on to success. How can young people make smart decisions about what is best for their future? Is the heavy debt worth the benefits (or drawbacks) of a college degree? Will it be difficult for Chinese society to accept that there are alternative paths to success?
Join us for a chat with Ms. Wang Yan, Director of the Department for International Exchange at the National Institute of Education Science; in Hong Kong, Dr. Li Jun from the Education Policy Unit at the University of Hong Kong and Past President of the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong; and in Chicago, Professor Dali Yang with the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago.

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