Discussion: Japanese FM visits Beijing

As Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida winded up the first official trip to Beijing by a Japanese foreign minister in four and a half years, we took a look at the various factors impacting Sino-Japanese relations. Does this visit indicate that the two countries have finally found common ground? Could this be the prologue to resume high-level exchanges between the two neighbors? What should China make of Japan’s stated purpose of making peace, in the context of Japan’s recent moves to pass new security laws and participate in joint US-Philippines military drills? And as Japan’s economic dependence on China grows, how will business ties factor into the bilateral relationship? Join us for a discussion with Mr. Yang Xiyu, senior fellow from the China Institute of International Studies; Mr. Ken Jimbo, Associate Professor from the Faculty of Policy Management of Keio University; and in Tokyo, Takesato Watanabe, Professor Emeritus at Doshisha University.

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