Discussion: Myanmar’s unrest and its collateral damage

The ethnic conflict in Myanmar is a persistent one, having gone unresolved for many decades. In the early morning of November 20, gunfire broke out in the country’s northern Shan State, as an alliance of three ethnic armed groups launched surprise attacks on government military outposts and police stations. Ten people were killed, and 33 were injured. Aung San Suu Kyi’s government is trying to push forward a national peace agreement, in a bid to bring together ethnic militias who have not inked the Nationwide Ceasefire Accord. But will the overall peace process be yet again hampered by this recent crisis? Furthermore, China is now collateral damage as violence escalates. The clashes occurred along a border area, and one Chinese civilian was wounded by a stray bullet. Our panelists Yang Xiyu from China Institute of International Studies and Lim Tai Wei from National University of Singapore discuss what this means for Myanmar.

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