Discussion on DPRK tensions

The DPRK’s official KCNA news agency has reported the country’s successful launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine. State media said the test met all technical thresholds necessary to carry out an underwater attack operation targeting South Korea or the United States. How significant is this launch, and should we assume that the DPRK’s nuclear capabilities have advanced? One day before the missile launch, DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong offered to halt nuclear activities in exchange for the US stopping military exercises on the Peninsula. Considering the timing of this rare interview, could the government be trying to send a signal? And is there a way out of this stalemate? Join us for a discussion with Prof. Kiyul Chung, Editor-in-Chief of the 4th Media and a visiting professor at Kim Il Sung University; Mr. Teng Jianqun, Director of the Center for Arms Control at the China Institute of International Studies; in Washington DC, Ms. Eunjung Lim, Lecturer of Korea Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; and in Boston, Jim Walsh, with the Security Studies Program, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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