Discussion over Chinese ad controversy

A television advertisement for a Chinese laundry detergent has attracted a huge amount of attention lately – and not in a way the advertiser would have wanted. The ad features a Chinese woman putting a black man into a washing machine, and having him come out as a light-skinned Chinese man, much to the woman’s delight. After initially ignoring online outrage, the company has now apologized and made a statement condemning racism, but still accused foreign media of over-hyping the issue.  Is the issue being blown out of proportion? Was the ad a misguided attempt at humor, or an indication of a real problem with racism in China? And what happens now? Join CCTV for a discussion with John Russel, Managing Director of North Head Communications, and Joanne Cheng, an Intercultural Specialist. Ding Hui, Former Player in the Chinese National Volleyball Team, will also be joining over the phone.

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