Discussion: Remembering the Chinese rock of ages with Cui Jian

Rock-and-roll. That was a phrase few in China knew about just a few decades ago. But thanks to a performance by Cui Jian, China’s Godfather of Rock and Roll 30 years ago, everything changed. Cui jumped onto a widely publicized concert stage and belted out his first well-known work “Nothing to My Name”. Since then, there have been quite a few ups and downs at the beginning of the 21st century for a rock and roll artist like him in an ever-changing China. Seeing one of his underground shows was a badge of honor for music enthusiasts in China. Now, Cui Jian will finally have an opportunity to look back over his 30-year career with a gigantic gig at the Workers’ Stadium in Beijing, where he started three decades ago. We speak with him in a heartfelt interview.

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