Discussion: Seismically active Earth

The recent earthquake in Ecuador has claimed 525 lives and Japan’s twin quakes have killed at least 44— and some scientists fear more are on the way. The past months have witnessed some unusually active seismic activities across the globe, as a string of quakes have also jolted Afghanistan, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Dozens of people have been killed and injured. Is there a link between the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador? Is earthquake activity increasing? The series of strong quakes have prompted fears that a ‘mega’ earthquake could strike. Considering the fact that scientists have only been measuring seismic activity for the past 100 years, how prepared can we be for such a quake? Join us for a discussion with Mr. Gu Guohua, a research professor at the Institute of Earthquake Science with the China Earthquake Administration; and in London, Mr. David Rothery, a professor of planetary geosciences at the Open University in UK.

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