Discussion: Thailand at a crossroads, where to go?

The death of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej has created a vacuum – both in the royal family and the politics of Thailand. For seven decades, the monarch weathered coups, military juntas, and served the people in his own way. He will be remembered as a father figure, and as one who espoused ideals of national harmony. But with the head of the Privy Council stepping in as Regent, where does this leave Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn? Will this vacuum threaten to crumble the relationship between the military and the royal family? Our panelists Yang Xiyu from the China Institute of International Studies, Lim Tai Wei from the National University of Singapore, and former advisor to the Thai government Sean Boonpracong, discuss the landscape of Thai politics, and analyze how King Bhumibol’s death will weigh on the country.

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