Docile deliveryman is China’s latest road rage victim

A driver who could not put the brakes on his anger and crashed with a delivery courier in the middle of the street in Beijing has given netizens a green light to retackle road rage accidents in China.
Footage shot by a bystander on Sunday show the disturbing moment an infuriated man lashed on a delivery man, verbally abusing him, after the courier’s electro-tricycle brushed against the front of the aggressor’s car.
Throughout the attack the messenger, who works at SF Express, remained calm and did not fight back or react to the slew of slaps hitting him.
Passersby tried to step in to defuse the situation to no avail as the furious driver continued his assault.
SF Express, a Shenzhen-based delivery services company, announced on its official Weibo account that it had already informed the police and helped its employee run a medical checkup for injury identification. The firm also insisted on protecting its couriers’ rights and dignity, calling on the public to show respect to them.
The offender has been summoned to the police station for further investigation.
The video went viral online, with netizens lauding the support the company had provided to its employee and urging for further respect to people of various professional backgrounds.
Road rage cases have been on the rise in China in recent years. In 2015, Chinese traffic police handled over 17 million incidents of driving-related violence, according to the country’s Ministry of Public Security, a 2.8% increase on annual basis.

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