Dominican truckers on strike, suspend supplies to Haiti

The strike started by Dominican truck drivers on August 4 might extend indefinitely due to lack of security in Haiti, where 90 percent of market supplies came from neighboring Dominica by land transportation, union leader said in Santo Domingo.

(Soundbite) Blas Peralta, Fenatrado President
“No one is going to risk his life if there is no protection of the Dominican truckers. We will not go. At least the Fenatrado truckers will not go. Non-Fenatrado truckers can risk their lives if they want.”

Sixty Dominican trucks were attacked and ransacked late last month in Haiti, which made the truckers of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation (Fenatrado) decide not to cross the border anymore before a solution was produced and their safety guaranteed.

Fenatrado had contacted the Dominican police for help, but no response was heard so far.

About 40,000 trucks shuttle between the two countries, generating some 500 million U.S. dollars in annual trade, according to Fenatrado.

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