Don’t Call Us Beaten: Struggles in Class

From the makers of the earlier well-received series, Don’t Call Us Poor, comes another five-part series on living life on the bottom rung of society. In an education system where academic success continues to matter, Don’t Call Us Beaten takes a frank look at what it is like to have failed that first and most crucial of education milestones in Singapore – the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

Northlight School and Assumption Pathway School are where these children find their second chance. Over one school term, the series charts the journeys of the students with their teachers who refuse to give up on them. These students may have failed their exams, but now, they have to prove that they are not failures in life.

This episode, Don’t Call Us Beaten – Struggles in Class, examines the learning struggles that NorthLight and Assumption Pathway students face in class. Weijian and Weikang are identical twins with identical problems in English. Writing is a constant struggle and so is reading. At NorthLight, Qaiser faces a double whammy: he is poor in both English and Maths. This episode examines their learning issues. How will they cope with the mid-year exams?

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