DPRK missile test launch “failed”

The DPRK again failed in an attempt to launch a missile this week, just hours before a high-ranking DPRK envoy traveled to Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to Yonhap News. And one day later, envoys from the US, Japan and South Korea met in Tokyo to discuss how to halt the DPRK’s missile development program. It would appear that recent sanctions and international condemnation have done nothing to quell the DPRK’s nuclear ambitions. Should the international community be shifting its thinking towards considering the reality of a DPRK with nuclear abilities? And how close exactly is the DPRK to possessing such abilities? Join us for a discussion with Mr. Yang Xiyu, Senior Fellow at the China Institute of International Studies; in Seoul, Ms. Duyeon Kim, visiting Senior Fellow, Korean Peninsula Future Forum; and in Washington D.C., Mr. Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at the Independent Institute.

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