Dramatic new footage of child falling from minivan raises safety concerns

A young child falling out of the back of a minivan at a crossroad in Zhaotong city, in southwest China’s Yunnan Province raises concerns about child road safety in China and why so few Chinese parents use car safety seats.

A car’s dash-cam caught a child falling from a minivan in front of it onto the ground. The driver of the car, not seeing the child lying on the ground, then drove over him. The child was later pulled out from underneath the car, although CCTVNews has been unable to ascertain the child’s fate.

The footage echo’s a similar incident CCTVNews reported on last month in which a child was filmed falling from a moving van. (Read more: .

The two incidents have raised concerns about child road safety in China and the low use of child safety seats. According to a 2015 poll of parents in China with children under 13 years old, only 12.1% used child safety seats, compared to around 90% in the European Union and the US. Some parts of China, such as Shanghai, have recently introduced legislation to make their use mandatory.

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