Drones used in forest fire drill in SW China

As heat wave has swept many parts of China, the risk of wildfire has climbed.

To increase the ability to combat wildfire, Chongqing Municipality in southwest China has conducted a drill on forest fire.

Some 300 soldiers took part in the drill on Monday afternoon.

The drill targets to enhance soldiers’ ability to use various high-tech fire extinguishing equipments in emergency, including drones.

Drones are used in fire detection.

Though small and light, the drone has a strong ability to resist the wind.

With a high definition camera, it can transmit video up to 20 kilometers.

And it also can work in night with infrared ray.

In the drill, the drone patrolled more than 53 hectares of forest and transmit real-time pictures.

After it detected a fire, K-32 helicopter was sent out to put out the fire by watering.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE)WU YA, Director of the Forestry Bureau of Chongqing:
“In the drill, unmanned planes, Ernst dragon scout, M-171 and K-32 helicopters are used. Besides, extinguishing cannon are applied to beat the fire on cliffs. It’s effective.”

With the help of these high-tech equipment, the drill put out seven fires in the half-an-hour drill.

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