Drunk driver rams into guardrail, kills one

A speeding car driven by a drunk driver rammed into the guardrail on the streets of Jinan, Shandong Province, on Sunday. The man was driving at the speed of 180 kilometer per hour and smashed the guardrail twice before coming to a halt. Three passengers on the car were rushed to the hospital for rescue except for the driver, who was unhurt because of the airbag that deployed and protected him. However, one female passenger died in the hospital while another remains critically injured. The car has been badly damaged in the horrific traffic incident.
Before the accident, the passengers and the driver, who had all met for the first time, were drinking together, according to police reports. The driver has been arrested and will be prosecuted as per the Criminal Law that criminalized drunken driving in 2011. The driver could face three years in prison for a criminal offence.

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