Drunk on melodrama: Driver fails to evade alcohol test

And the award for best actor goes to… not this drunken driver who, despite his exaggerated performance, could not convince police officers he was not faking blowing into a breathalyzer.

The official account of Shenzhen Traffic Police posted on Friday a video on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, showing minutes of an alcohol test given to a guy who law enforcers believed was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The man faked breathing into the instrument, not once, not twice, but nearly 20 times in 13 minutes, in order to prevent officers from detecting the concentration of alcohol in his breath.

But his performance fell flat as the policemen seemed to be amused rather than persuaded by the show.

Eventually, the man gave up, and results showed that his blood-alcohol concentration stood at 191 mg/ 100 ml – well above 100 mg/ ml, the legal alcohol limit for drivers.

The police’s account noted that “the driver cannot escape punishment although his acting was good.”

The man’s act was a laughing stock to many netizens, who wondered how police officers managed to keep themselves from laughing during the test.

The background music also drew attention… but for the wrong reasons. The video features different traditional music styles that did not blend well with the footage, and netizens were fast and swift to poke fun at the editor, trying to guess who was behind the choice of melody.

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