Ecological urban neighborhoods in Argentina

Sustainable living is a growing trend in Argentinean cities, with neighbours and local entrepreneurs seeing renewable energies, biodegradable materials and organic food as a way of life.

Anibal Guiser Gleyzer, creator of this initiative, lives in Econautico Hipocampo, a leading ecological neighborhood.

Soundbite: Anibal Guiser, creator of the Econautico Hipocampo
“I have been sailing for many years, I have a small sailboat which is now tied to my floating house. It is beautiful to see the little sailboat which brought me here.”

According to the local press, these urban neighborhoods have been steadily growing in Argentina, with over 15 now existing in the province of Buenos Aires, most in the capital’s northern area.

One resident, Nahuel Foronda, owner of a software company, explained that he moved there in a quest to be closer to nature.

Soundbite: Nahuel Foronda, Resident of the ecological neighborhood
“This is an example of the wall, which is built out of straw and clay. These elements are mixed together while wet and then dried as part of the wall. We leave this window open so you can see what it is like inside.”

Guiser Gleyzer states that the experience takes part in a reality far from urban centers.

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