Ecuadorean survivor recounts story of being rescued

Pablo Cordova is still reeling from the disaster, when the rescuers from the Bogota Fire Department of Colombia and the Transit Commission of Ecuador pull him out of the debris of the hotel where he used to work as receptionist.

(Soundbite) Pablo Cordova, Earthquake Survivor
“I started screaming from inside: I’m here! I’m here! Help me! They immediately spotted me and began drilling.”

Cordova is one of the survivors who are rescued alive in coastal city Portoviejo, after the magnitude-7.8 earthquake jolted the country on April 16, claiming over 650 lives so far.
The survivor goes back to the embrace of his family 48 hours after the tremor, which is thought as a miracle among his community.

(Soundbite) Sonia Zambrano, Wife of Pablo Cordova
“This is like a dream, because I thought he already died. For me this is a dream. Happy life is regained even though I have not recovered from the disaster yet.”

Cordova himself even wins a chance to meet and thank Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his Ecuadorean counterpart Rafael Correa, when they visit the affected areas together.

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