Egypt celebrates Orphans Day

Orphans Day is a national celebration in Egypt that falls on the first Friday of April and has been an annual event since it was first inaugurated in 2005.

It’s a day when orphans don’t feel so excluded from society.

SOUNDBITE(Arabic): MAMDOUH SHAABAN, General Coordinator of Orphans Day
“Today we celebrate the Orphans Day in Dream Park with the participation of 10,000 orphans. It’s a message from the community to the orphanage that we care about them and we support them.”

Orphans Day is an effort to get people to recognize that these children are no different to those who live with their parents. They share the same problems, the same joys, the same hobbies, the same interests.

SOUNDBITE(Arabic): MENNA, Orphan
“I’m happy because I play with the children and I like the games that fly in the air”.

“I’m waiting for this day and preparing for it since a long while. I played many games like the waterfall and the cup, I’m very happy to be here.”

According to the UNICEF, there are approximately 1.7 million orphans in Egypt.

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