Egypt launches campaign to promote tourism amid security concern

Egypt on Thursday launched a three-year campaign to promote its tourism industry.

At the launching ceremony, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism Hesham Zazou said that the campaign aims to draw attention to tourism opportunities and to improve the image of Egypt in the eyes of potential visitors.

Tourism used to be a main source of Egypt’s national income. The sector in 2010 alone brought the country about 13 billion dollars in revenues.

However, it has been deteriorating over the past chaotic four years that saw the ouster of two Egyptian heads of state, yet it was slowly on the rise.

Late October’s Russian plane crash in restive North Sinai province added more recession to the already-ailing tourism industry as it eventually led some states, including Britain and Russia, to suspend their flights to Sharm el-Sheikh and to evacuate their nationals over security concerns.

SOUNDBITE (ARABIC): HESHAM ZAZOU, Egypt’s minister of Tourism
“There are two steps, the first one was hosting security delegations from some specialist states, which informed us with additional notes, and now there are joint committees between the Egyptian side and the foreign sides on the ground right now, as these committees are supposed to prepare, and according to the international security companies, yes we have the intention, but we will not bring a company to manage the security system in airports, but to bring experts to learn the recent in this field.”

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