Eight felines born to Zacatecas zoo in central Mexico

Timid and shy, these 8 newborn cubs, four lions and four tigers, opened their eyes to meet the eager press people assembled on November 25 in the zoo of Mexico’s central state of Zacatecas.

(Soundbite) Javier Romo Camacho, Director of Zoo La Encantada
“Our zoo has never seen so many births of tigers and lions before. (With these four tigers and four lions coming to the world) The number of newly-born big cats amounts to 14 within this year at the zoo.”

Leonardo Solis was apparently the happiest staff member of the zoo, as he had dedicated all of his time to rearing these cubs, almost becoming their adoptive father.

(Soundbite) Leonardo Solis, Caretaker of Cubs
“In the early weeks of feeding, I treated them just like human babies. I cleaned them and changed the papers for them like changing diapers for my own child.”

However, due to lack of facilities, the Zacatecas zoo is no longer fit to house such a gang. The authorities are looking for an alternative shelter elsewhere in the country to accommodate the newcomers.

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