Encyclopedia of Chinese Culture reaps applause at Peru book fair

The 20th International Book Fair (FIL) of Lima on Monday saw the launch of the Encyclopedia of Chinese Culture written by Peruvian scholar Guillermo Danino which was been exalted as a bridge of knowledge for Spanish speakers to better understand China.
As the foremost Sinologist in Peru, Guillermo Danino facilitated a direct interaction between the Chinese people and their Latin American counterparts through his 500-page book.
(Soundbite): Ruben Tang,Director of the Confucius Institute in Peru
“I think the book by Guillermo Danino, a great friend and scholar of Chinese culture, is and will be a benchmark for us to understand the culture of China. It will benefit and arm the Peruvian and Chinese peoples with more knowledge. In the future the two countries will have stronger relationship because both peoples know each other better in language, literature, traditions and so on.”
With the cover, showing the Gate of the Imperial Palace and two knockers on the side, the author wanted to help readers explore how the Chinese behave and think through a wide range of phenomenon and reality.
Guillermo Danino accomplished the encyclopedia on the basis of his 35 years of experiences in China.
He went to China in 1979 as professor of Spanish at universities of Nanjing and Beijing.
During his long stay there, he published 25 books on culture and society and took part in the shooting of 20 Chinese films and television dramas.

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