EU calls more action on refugees relocation

The European Commission here on Wednesday adopted its latest progress report on the European Union (EU)’s emergency relocation and resettlement schemes, saying the progress on the relocation and resettlement of refugees remained unsatisfactory.

The report, the third of this kind, assessed actions taken on relocation and resettlement up to May 13 since the commission’s second report.

According to a commission press release, despite signs of increased preparation for future action, few re-locations have taken place since mid-April, though the pipeline of future re-locations has been strengthened.

According to the Commission, in its first report on relocation and resettlement on March 16, the Commission set a target of relocating at least 20,000 people by mid-May.

This target has not been met.

The Commission called on member states with large allocations to engage more actively in relocation and pledge according to the size of their allocation.

The Commission also called for all actors to step up the relocation of unaccompanied minors.

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