EU in dispute with new polish gov’t

European Council President Donald Tusk has openly criticized the European Commission, executive body of the 28-nation bloc, for complicating the dispute between EU and Polish government over changes to key Polish laws.

Tusk, a former Polish prime minister, made the comments after a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Monday in Brussels.

He said he was “not very enthusiastic” about the European Commission’s decison to launch a probe into whether the new Polish conservative government breached the rule of law by revising two key laws.

Poland’s new conservative government, led by the Law and Justice party, last month took steps to gain influence in the constitutional tribunal,supposed to be an independent arbiter, and to have full control of state radio and television.

Critics say both moves undermine Western democracy. The incident has prompted the European Commission to carry out a preliminary assessment of the new laws that could ultimately lead to suspending Polish voting rights in the 28-nation bloc.

Polish President Duda tried to mollify the EU worries over Poland, saying that nothing extraordinary is going on in his country. He said it is normal to see disputes after elections that brought about a change in power.

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