EU Summit on refugee crisis

The European refugee crisis shows no signs of abating, after three shipwrecks in three days left more than 700 dead. Last year, more than 3,700 migrants died in the Mediterranean, and that figure could be surpassed this year. As warmer weather approaches, observers believe even more migrants will attempt the journey. An UNHCR official even called the multiple deaths at sea, “the new normal.” How serious is the problem, and are there any solutions in sight? Could European countries and the US be doing more? How many more migrants can these countries take in without causing instability within their own borders? And are Syrian peace talks the key to solving the crisis? Join us as we discuss these issues with Dr. Angeliki Dimitriadi, Research Fellow at the  Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy, in Athens; in Geneva, William Spindler, Spokesperson of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; and in London, Iain Begg, research fellow at the European Institute of the London School of Economics.

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