Exclusive aerial shot of HKZM Bridge’s immersed-tube tunnel out of construction dock

7 kilometers of the 55km long Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao “bridge” currently being built will actually be an underwater tunnel. The tunnel consists of 33 tube sections.

Tugboats are now dragging the 33rd piece to the East Artificial island of the bridge. The tube is 160 meters long, and weighs over 60 thousand tons, the same as a middle-sized aircraft carrier. It will take eight tug boats 7 hours to make the 13 kilometers trip pulling the gigantic tube. When the tube finally reaches the specific area, it will be slowly lowered under the water. Just lowering it in place will take another 10 hours.

If everything goes according to plan, and the sea and waves are not too rough, the whole installation should be complete tomorrow morning. But at this moment, a typhoon is heading the tube’s way!.CCTVNEWS has exclusive aerial footage for you to see the whole process. Check it out!

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