Exotic pets capture hearts of Argentineans

Federico keeps two reptiles as pets at his home in Buenos Aires. They feed on worms and insects, a routine the teenager enjoys watching on a daily basis.
The boom of exotic pets continues to gain followers in Argentina. Everyday more and more exotic pets are being bought.
(Soundbite) Federico, Owner of Reptile Pets
“I always saw all these types of animals through the vets’ windows and I like them. One day when I was browsing on Google, I found a person who sold them. I contacted him and went to ask for what I want.”
Among the exotic pets, reptiles are the most soughtafter for their variety. Turtles and hedgehogs are especially popular among children.
Business and demand have been fueled by the ever increasing online shops, which can comply with the market needs in diverse ways.
(Soundbite) Pet Shop Owner
“The customers are wide-ranging, including children, teenagers and even senior citizens. They may like to keep any kind of animal as pet.”
Most of the exotic pets on demand in Argentina are usually from Australia, Papua New Guinea and the United States.

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