Expert: President Xi’s Middle East tour good to regional stability

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Saudi Arabia Tuesday on the first stop of his three-nation tour of the Middle East.

China, as the world’s second-largest economy, is seeking closer political and economic ties with the region.

But an Egyptian expert says the Chinese president’s tour could yield more fruits beyond economic sphere.

SOUNDBITE (ARABIC): ADEL SABRY, Chief Editor with “Arab Egypt” website 00:00- 01:07
“Chinese President’s visit is very important, because it could play a rule not only in the economic relations between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt , but also in taking steps to calm tensions between Iran and the Arab Gulf states, especially with Saudi Arabia, and it could also help in improving relations between Arab countries and Iran, because China is always push global stability and peace, and China hopes to expand economic relations with the Arab Gulf states in general, and specially with Egypt, because it considers Egypt as gate to Africa and the Arab world.”

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