Expert: Southeast Asian countries should follow China’s example

A Malaysian expert says Southeast Asian countries should follow China’s example in looking for a more sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) OH EI SUN, Nanyang Technological University
“I think we all would like to see China at least maintaining this level of growth, but to the extent that China should embrace this ‘new normal’ economic phenomenon, I think the rest of the region here, we should similarly adopt this idea of improving the quality of the economy, the innovative aspect of the economy, the more sustainable aspect, the more inclusive aspect of the economy, because so of the economic problem faced by China, they are also faced similarly by many countries in the region, namely in the explosive growth phase of this developing part of the world, sometimes not every stretch of the society is enjoying the fruit of the growth, and sometime the quality of the growth is to be further improved.”

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