Father sues kindergarten for forcing kid to eat slipper

A father in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is suing a local kindergarten for forcing his child to “eat slippers”.

According to the man, Sun Hongbin, his 6-year-old son had mouth pain after returning from kindergarten on Sept. 18.

“Ranran said his teacher forced one slipper into his mouth, because he didn’t sleep at noon. His mother and I were both astonished at it.”

Sun asked the kindergarten to disclose the CCTV footage of the incident, which shows that the teacher, surnamed Li, picked up one slipper, and talked with the child for about one minute, with her back to the CCTV camera.

SOUNDBITE: Ms. Li, Teacher
“Ranran was very loud while the others were taking a nap. I was a bit too impulsive and tried to talk him down, so I picked up the slipper, and said that I’d put the slipper into his mouth if he didn’t go to bed.”
But Sun and his wife believe that Ms. Li did force the slipper into his son’s mouth.

They are suing the Dingqi Kindergarten for 230,000 Yuan, or 36,000 U.S. dollars, for the mental anguish the boy suffered.

SOUNDBITE: WEI JIANPING, Dingqi Kindergarten official
“We believe the demand is too far-fetched. We are sorry for the incident, but we also hope the parents could resolve the legal problem in a sensible way.”

Wei says the Kindergarten is offering a three-year tuition waiver as compensation, and the teacher has already been dismissed.

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