Female industry leaders

This is Liu Haiyan.

People call her ‘Sister Strawberry’ as she has been running a strawberry plant in Shanghai for almost 10 years.

Before involved in planting strawberry, Liu had worked in a telecom company, followed by a foreign trade company, and then an advertisement design studio.

The reason why she chose to be a strawberry farmer is out of the concerns of food safety after she became a mom.

“I was born in a small village where my grandparents had grown their own food. But their harvest was greatly impacted by weather as a pouring rain could ruin all their watermelon buds.”

Thanks to modern technology, nowadays, Liu could not only ensure the output of strawberry, but also have the product quality under control.

“Now farming is just an occupation. It’s no longer a symbol of identity. So after work, you can go to a party and have fun like others.”

Liu said her bigger dream is to apply modern technology in all farming sectors across the country to boost output, reduce pollution and make farms more eco-friendly.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) LIU PINGPING, Italian cuisine chef of Hilton Hotel:
“Hi, I’m Lily. I think personal hygiene is paramount.”

Let’s meet Liu Pingping, who call herself Lily.

She is chief chef of an Italian restaurant in a Hilton Hotel in Shanghai.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) LIU PINGPING, Italian cuisine chef of Hilton Hotel:
“Female chief chef is unusual. In most cases, pastry cook is the choice of female cook as chief chef requires more strength. However, when you work in a team, people would help each other out, so the most important thing is to really pay attention to your work and be devoted.”

With a towering height of 6 feet, or 1.8 meters, Li Wen is a doctor’s degree holder, a senior engineer, a certificated racing driver and a mother-to-be.

Her work now is to research and develop new energy vehicles.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) LI WEN, New energy vehicle designer, engineer:
“My parents have never told me what a girl should do and what shouldn’t. My father is a huge fan of car so he always told me which car was which brand. That had prompted my interest in cars.”

Li joined in the research and development of new energy vehicle after graduation.

With no path to follow and no experience to learn from, Li said she and her team had overcome a lot of difficulties to reach their goal.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) LI WEN, New energy vehicle designer, engineer:
“My most exciting moment was in December 2013 when Chinese automaker Roewe launched its 550 sedan. We had tackled so many problems in the past four to five years just to wait for the moment.”

Li and her husband are expecting their first child.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) LI WEN, New energy vehicle designer, engineer:
“I always think I’m a lucky person in either my work or my life. My husband really supports me no matter what choice I’ve made. My first child will be born in July and I believe my life and my work will all be better.”

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