Ferguson one year on: the end or beginning?

When people of color, darker complexion in particular, observe the first anniversary of Ferguson, they will have brought to mind at least 29 reported cases apart from Michael Brown.
Twenty-nine – that’s an average more than two each month in the past year.
Such an aggregate of police-shootings of people of color comes at a time when an African American is US president.
White supremacy, racial discrimination, depression, unemployment, social hardships; none can justify the police use of force in cases where force isn’t necessary.
The best the Obama administration can suggest are criminal investigations into the use of police force.
But the Brown family – and others – have been confronted with investigation results that back police actions.
Unless social justice is a reality instead of mere rhetoric in the United States, this first anniversary of Ferguson may turn out to be a beginning of an end:
A beginning of a challenge to social justice and an end to racial championship.

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