Fidel Castro heats up ending session of Cuba’s communist congress

The appearance of Fidel Castro triggered off long ovation and handclapping among the 1,000 delegates attending the closing session of the 7th Congress of Cuba’s Communist Party on April 19 in Havana.

(On-Site Sound: Ovation and Handclapping, 3 Seconds)

(Soundbite) Fidel Castro, Former Cuban Leader
“Maybe it is the last time I talk in this room. I vote for all the delegates who submit consultation to the Congress, and I appreciate your invitation and the honor of being here.”

In the speech, Fidel expressed support for the process of economic and social reforms anchored by his younger brother and successor Raul Castro in his last five years as party leader and president of the island state.

(Soundbite) Fidel Castro, Former Cuban Leader
“Soon I will be 90 years old and my turn will come like everybody else. But the ideas of Cuban communists will live on!”

Fidel established the communist Cuba in 1959 and left his official duties in 2006 due to health reasons. He will be 90 years old in August.

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