FIFA Blatter, Platini banned for 8 years

Blatter has been banished from FIFA headquarters, as the ban against him goes into effect immediately, which is also probably why he has chosen this FIFA club to meet reporters. At the very beginning of the press conference, Blatter says he is really sorry.

“I’m sorry that I am, as president of FIFA, this punching ball. And I’m sorry for football. But I’ m also sorry about me. How I’ m treated in this world of humanitarian qualities.”

Blatter insists that only the FIFA congress, not the Ethics Committee, has the right to relieve the President of his duties.

Both officials are banned on account of a 2-million US Dollars payment made to Platini in 2011, the so-called “disloyal payment”.

Blatter says he will fight for himself and for FIFA, and that he will appeal to both FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sports. But it seems the odds are stacked against him. He repeated the fact that he has worked for the organization for more than 40 years. But that decades-long career has seemed to come to an end.

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