First Afghan woman earns livelihood independently

45-year-old Kalsom is the first woman in the Afghan city Kandahar that has dared to break up the tribal traditions to earn livelihood independently.

Along with her seven-year-old son, Kalsom sells cucumbers on the handcart from dawn to dusk to support her three-member family.

“The poverty forced me to work. On average I can earn about 2.9 U.S. dollars a day through selling cucumbers on the streets of Kandahar city.”

Living in a rented mud house in a slum area of Kandahar, Kalsom says her husband is too old to work, she is shouldering all the responsibilities at home and struggling to overcome one day.

SOUNDBITE: MALANG KHAN, Kalsom’s husband
“Instead of rescuing the needy people, our people laugh at her. It makes no difference if working woman outside home is good or bad, but it is valuable that she earns the family’s livelihood through legal way with pride.”

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