First ever TV debate for presidential candidates held in Argentina

(Soundbite) Rodolfo Barili, Moderator of Debate
“Good evening, my country! Welcome to the first presidential debate in Argentina’s history.”

Five of the six candidates participated in presidential debate on television on Oct. 4 in Buenos Aires, the first ever of its kind in the history of Argentina, ahead of the elections scheduled on Oct. 25.

However, the most promising one and the ruling party candidate, Governor of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli was absent, on the excuses that he was too busy to spare time for the pivotal battle of his campaign.

(Soundbite) Margarita Stolbizer, Candidate for President
“It is important that none has absolute majorities. A winner must know that it is not the master of everything. Whoever loses is not betting on the failure to win.”

Though missing the debate, Scioli outshined his rivalries in the primaries on Aug. 9, wining 38.48 percent of the votes. He is widely expected to succeed the current Chief of State Cristina Fernandez.

Some 32 million Argentineans will prepare in the next three weeks for the final poll on Oct. 25 to elect their next president, who will rule the third largest economy in Latin America for four years.

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