Food dispensed to residents in northern Caracas

Residents in northern Caracas received food at subsidized prices on June 18 through the government-approved Local Committee of Supply and Production.

(Soundbite) Daniel Aponte, Caracas District Governor
“Not only do they come, but are happy to get the ration without queuing. They are happy because the price is fair and it comes on a cycle of 21 days. We are supplying with other items necessary for the basic baskets of Venezuelans.”

More than 52,500 families in the neighborhood of Barrio Los Cortijos de Sarria were rationed with 581 tons of basic food during the day.

(Soundbite) Daniel Aponte, Caracas District Governor
“The government opponents are finding it hard to distort the private distribution networks and especially the distribution office. They used to disband communities through lies and violence.”

The Local Committee of Supply and Production were devised by the government of President Nicolas Maduro to provide life essentials to Venezuelans, who have been hit by inflation and uneven distribution of food for months.

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