Food safety situation still a concern

Chairman of National People’s Congress Standing Committee Zhang Dejiang on Thursday told China’s lawmakers that dirty food processing environments, fraud and adulteration in food production, and irregularities in transportation have been uncovered.

It follows a nationwide inspection of the enforcement of the Food Safety Law in April and May.

Inspectors found that some food producers lacked a sense of responsibility. A few were driven purely by profits.

Zhang said in the planting phase, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not being used appropriately.

In addition, food safety standard supervision in some areas is weak.

However, the general situation of food safety in China has improved, as the food sampling qualification rate was 96.8 percent in 2015, up 2.1 percentage points from 2014.

Zhang added an inter-departmental cooperation mechanism for food safety has been established, saying severe punishment against offenses have had a deterrent effect.

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