Footage: Boy takes selfies riding bike the wrong way on expressway

A boy was recently caught taking selfies while riding his bicycle the wrong way on a Chinese expressway. As the “selfie phenomenon” continues to go viral across the world there seems to be no limit to what people will do to take that “ultimate” shot. Recently, police saw a boy taking selfies on an expressway in Tongren city, Guizhou Province. The boy was observed taking photos with one hand while trying to steer his bicycle and keep balance with the other for several minutes. During this time he rode into a tunnel and even went against the direction of traffic. After police stopped the boy he explained that he got very bored at home during winter vacation so he rode outside for a dose of “sightseeing”. The question remains, however, as to what exactly he was “seeing” as he took selfies of himself. This is not the first time people have got into trouble for taking inappropriate selfies. In 2014 a medical team in Shaanxi Province were punished for taking a selfie in an operating room apparently next to the unconscious patient. In another case in Hainan Province tourists were blasted on social media networks for taking selfies with a dying dolphin.

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