Footage: Boys forced to kiss on tape in bullying scandal

A video showing two Chinese boys forced to lock lips for the cameras of their tormentors, a group of fellow teenagers, has shed light on the issue of bullying in China. The boys, 13 and 14 years old respectively, were forced to kiss each other following a road accident in Mianchi county, Henan Province on April 9.
The two boys were on a road trip heading to a neighboring village when their motorcycle accidentally brushed against another motorbike, belonging to one of a group of 14 youths. The two were asked to pay a compensation of 30 yuan (4.6 US dollars), but they had no cash on them. The boys were then subject to an hour-long ordeal in which they were punched in the face and kicked. They suffered serious injuries as well as psychological trauma. One of the 14 people who bullied the teenage duo uploaded the video of the boys kissing to the social network platform Qzone. The video went viral online, while local police officers arrested four main offenders.

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