Footage: China’s ancient bridges buckle as Typhoon Meranti strikes

Typhoon Meranti’s strong winds and heavy rains have not only knocked down trees and transmission lines, but tragically have also destroyed several ancient corridor bridges both in east and south China’s cities.
Local media reports from east China’s Zhejiang Province suggest Taishun, home to some of the oldest corridor bridges in the world, lost three of the celebrated ancient structures within a day. One of the bridges was even listed by the national key cultural relics protection unit.
A corridor bridge dating back more than 800 years in China’s southeastern coastal city of Quanzhou was also destroyed by the heavy flood waters that have resulted from Typhoon Meranti. The bridge, reportedly built in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279 AD), was a seldom seen structure in Fujian Province and was one of its major government-protected cultural sites.
Corridor bridges, also known as Langqiao in Mandarin, are ancient pieces of Chinese architecture with profound historical and cultural importance.

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