Footage: devious teachers fail with fake fruit video trick

Surveillance camera footage from a kindergarten in Jilin city, Jilin Province captures a seemingly innocent scene as teachers ask children to pose for the camera with plates of fruits and candies.
But after shooting the video, the teachers are shown grabbing the food before most of the children had a chance to touch it.
The video shot by the teachers was sent to the kids’ parents in an attempt to deceive them. But the parents soon became aware that all was not as it seemed, and demanded the release of the surveillance footage.
The surveillance video has gone viral on Chinese social media platforms as shocked netizens reacted to the teachers’ devious act.
One social media user, @FQAAA, said “the kindergarten should be shut down.”  “The fruits weren’t worth too much but the teacher’s deceitful approach would destroy children’s characters,” opined @xiaomo.

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