Footage: hero saves man from drowning, quietly walks away

Last week a civilian hero jumped into the ice-cold waters of Xianyang Lake to rescue someone’s life in Shaanxi Province. After saving the man, the rescuer quietly slinked away, avoiding any attention. However smartphone video taken by a passer-by shows how the man was saved.
The hero himself is 57 year-old Wang Tao, identified after being recognized by some of his relatives and friends yesterday after the video clip was posted online. The video led to many praising his actions. Wang said he didn’t think too much at the moment of rescuing the man. “If you think too much you, then you might think twice about saving the person’s life,” Wang Tao told a local newspaper.

More than 160 people drown each day in China and drowning is the leading cause of death among children aged 5 to 14 years, according to estimates released by the World Health Organisation China in 2014.

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