Footage: man electrocuted after climbing on roof of high-speed train

A man broke into Guangzhou South Railway Station and crossed two platforms before climbing on to the roof of a high-speed train that was standing at platform 13 on Monday. The man was electrocuted and instantly killed after he touched the high-voltage wires on the roof of the train. A passenger recorded the deadly moment the man ran on top of the train.

According to eye witnesses, the man did not have a train ticket, and ignored the warning given to him by staff. The man was seen running before the electric shock brought him to a sudden stop.

It remains unclear how the man was able to enter the station and the platform area without a ticket. After the Kunming train station terror attack in March 2014 followed by attacks at several stations including a stabbing incident in Guangzhou, security was ramped up in response to potential threats to passenger safety. The local police officers are verifying the man’s identity with further investigations underway.

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